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Questions for the ALC should be directed to the ALC email -

ALC Permit Application Process

The ALC has added an additional procedure for permit applications that are not complicated or convoluted. Print Changes to ALC Permit Application Process

If the permit application is not for initial landscaping, the construction of a casita, solar installation, Ramada, walls, golf cart garage, or home addition, the Resident or the Contractor may place the application in the Concierge Desk drop box with a ten-dollar ($10.00) check, made out to QCCC for the application fee.

This will alleviate the need for them to appear in person at an ALC meeting, which is held every Thursday, 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM, in the Madera Clubhouse Gold Room. Sign up as early as 7 AM. The sign up sheet is pulled at 9:30 AM. The Committee will bring people in starting at 9 am according to the order of the list. The committee will stay until all who have signed up have been seen. They will leave at 10:30 am if no one is waiting for them.

This would include exterior painting, if they include the scheme number from the paint scheme book, and attach paint chips, to the permit application.

The permit will then be ready for pick up the following workday.

If there is no permit fee required the check will be returned, with the green permit.

Permit applications that do not require a ten dollar ($10.00) permit fee are:

  • Exterior Painting. Must include the scheme number and attached paint chips.
  • Tree removal and planting. The permit application must include the type and location of the tree to be removed, and the type of tree or Saguaro to be planted in its place.
  • Flag poles. Must include location. All flag poles must be ten (10) feet from any property line or street.
  • Gutters and Downspouts. Must include a sketch of the location of the instillation, and a statement that the gutters will match the color of the fascia, and the downspouts will match the color of the stucco, as close as possible

Paint Color Schemes

Paint Color Schemes are now online! Visit Dunn Edwards Paints Color-Ark Color Archive

  • Type in City/State or Zip Code
  • Click the Submit button
  • Select Quail Creek from the association drop-down list

You can download approved paint schemes and order paint chips online.

Homeowners are eligible for a courtesy discount of up to 37% off the LIST PRICE on Dunn-Edwards manufactured paint products. Downloaded paint chips include a coupon and the location of the nearest three stores. Click on Color Ark for more information about the program. Or visit the nearest Dunn Edwards Paints store for a professional color consultation. Mention Quail Creek, Account # 6065192.

Please remember that approved color schemes still require a permit from the ALC before painting begins!

Paint Color Schemes (MS Excel) or Paint Color Schemes (PDF) - Updated August 16, 2013

Looking for Coronado or Frazee Color Schemes? Dunn-Edwards has completed the color-matching for you!

Coronado Crossover Schemes  |  Frazee Crossover Schemes  |  2008 Model Homes Frazee Schemes

Contact the Concierge Desk to check out a paint color sample book. There is a $30 deposit on paint color sample books, refundable when the sample book is returned intact.

Make your ALC visit efficient

The ALC meets every Thursday at 8:30 AM in the Madera Clubhouse Gold Room. Folks who wish to meet with the ALC to discuss plans or concerns are advised to consider the following:

  • The sign up sheet is available at the Coffee Bar, 7 AM, on Thursdays. As long as you sign in before 9:30 AM, the ALC Committee will review your application that day.
  • Fill out your permit application BEFORE sitting down with the committee. Permit applications are available online. Hard copy applications are located in the hallway around the corner from the Madera Clubhouse Concierge Desk.
  • If your project is new landscaping, wall building, BBQ or water feature installation, you will need:
  • The plot plan of your property, e.g., location of easements, building envelope, etc.
  • Permits and/or “zoning clearance” approval from the Town of Sahuarita for walls, electrical and gas installations. The ALC can only provide the “green sheet” AFTER the Town of Sahuarita has approved your plan. Be aware that Quail Creek ALC Guidelines may contain additional restrictions beyond the Town of Sahuarita.
  • Drawings showing your project, e.g., where will that mesquite be planted, will the “swim-up bar” have electricity, where will the gas line be run for your new fire pit.
  • The ALC permit costs $10. Cash and checks are accepted too but not credit cards.
  • Sometimes applications take some time to review. Applications are handled as quickly as possible in the order of sign-up. Please remember that ALC Committee members are volunteers.
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