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Sunland Asphalt has been contracted to perform a maintenance project in your area.  The project is explained below.

CRACK SEALING  The larger cracks in the pavement will be blown clean and filled with a hot rubber sealer.  The crack filling material cures within 5 minutes of contact with the surface.  Access and traffic flow will be disturbed for short periods of time near the sealing operation.  If you must have access around the operation ask the crew foreman and he will help you get where you need to go.  The crack sealing is scheduled to begin on Monday March 4th and continue through Friday March 22nd.  This excludes weekends.

Outside watering should not be done on the day we are in your area.  All sprinklers must be turned off and trash/recycle containers must be removed.  Do not park where work will be performed or where it blocks traffic.  Keep children and pets away from the construction for their own safety.

Crack sealing cannot be applied in the wind or rain.  If any rescheduling needs to be done, you will be notified.

We understand there may be some inconvenience involved in this project, but if we work together we can keep it to a minimum and come out with excellent results.

Crack Sealing Map 2019-03

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