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The semi-annual statement you receive from the Quail Creek CCPOA (mailed to you from Sun Lakes), includes “Half Yr Amenity Fee” and “1st (or 2nd) Half of the Annual Fees” (or Homeowner Dues). Your yearly Amenity Fee is $120; thus the semi-annual payment is $60. The Amenity Fee is paid by the homeowner to the POA who then pays it to the developer (RCI) in accordance with the provisions of the QC CC&Rs (section 7.6 and 9.1.2). Specifically, these Amenity Fee monies pay the developer over time for community buildings and other amenities that have already transferred to the POA and future amenities that will transfer to the POA.

See the instructions on the first page of the current Source Book. It describes three ways to update Source Book information: mail, fax, or website update. If you should have further questions, please contact the Concierge Desk, located in the lobby of the Madera Clubhouse, at 520-393-5822.

Contact the General Manager, Mike Taylor, who will work with the appropriate departments to address your issue.

We schedule street sweepings three to four times per year based on seasons and need. Typically, sweeping dates include sometime after the spring winds as well as after the monsoon.

Normally, Patrol opens the Madera Clubhouse for general use at 6:30am each morning and locks the doors at 9:00pm each evening, unless the hours are extended to accommodate an event. Thus, the Clubhouse is normally open for general use between the hours of 6:30am and 9:00pm.

This as a safety reminder regarding walking or running in the multi-purpose lane of our roadways. These lanes are being shared with wheeled vehicles such as golf cars and bicycles, which have the right-of-way.  Pedestrians in them do not have the right-of- way and jeopardize themselves and these vehicles when they fail to yield to them. You are urged to use the sidewalks where they exist instead of the multi-purpose lanes. If you choose to walk or run in these lanes, please be aware of this, and yield to any of these vehicles. Yield means to “give way to” either a golf car or bicycle – both for your protection and that of the vehicle. For your information the applicable POA rule regarding this is given below:

"4.38  Pedestrians using designated multi-purpose lanes on Quail Creek roadways must always face on-coming traffic and yield to on-coming golf carts and bicycles."

Every resident is subject to our Code of Conduct which deals with how we behave and act in the community. Obnoxious, rude or profane behavior by residents toward other residents or staff is subject to fines and/or removal of privileges. The Code of Conduct may be found in the Quail Creek Property Owners Association Rules, located in Governing Documents.

Yes, fishing is permitted in the lake between Quail holes #2 and #3 (behind the Sales Office), for catch and release. No fishing permit is required. Quail Creek POA Rules Article 9

Quail Creek Property Owners Association Rules, located in Governing Documents.

Yes, the Lions Club operates a full service recycling service next to the Joyner Library in Green Valley. It is a volunteer service and is open on a set schedule during most days. They also bring a van out to Quail Creek on Wednesday mornings and park in the Grill Parking Lot for our use. It, too, is staffed by volunteers. Other organizations will offer a yearly or twice yearly service for collection of dated medicines, batteries and motor oils and hazardous materials. Watch for notices in the Green Valley Newspaper.

Call the Green Valley Fire District for removal of snakes from your yard. The snakes are not killed, they are removed and then placed in the desert away from people.

The Green Valley Fire District recommend battery replacement every 2 years instead of every year (as was the practice). However, if you WANT them to replace every year, they will do that. The price to replace your smoke detector batteries is $20 total (for 7 detectors or fewer; for 8 or more detectors, the price is $25). GVFD recommends replacing your smoke detectors every 10-15 years. The price to replace each smoke detector (including installation) is $20. The direct line to the Smoke Detector Program is 393-7505.

In 1999 when Robson purchased this property out of bankruptcy, Sahuarita was a very small town as compared to Green Valley and did not have a working Post Office capable of handling the projected volume. It was decided at that time that Quai Creek and Madera Highlands would be included in the Green Valley zip code. Things have changed since that time and Sahuarita has grown significantly, but the Post Office has been reluctant to bring this subject up as major changes would need to be made in the current systems.

Quail Creek has eight Committees, all staffed by volunteers and one QCPOA Board Member who acts as liaison from the Committee to the Board. Anyone interested in helping the community may obtain a Volunteer Application from the Concierge Desk at the Madera Clubhouse.

Committees are listed on the Quail Creek Web Site.

Volunteer for a Committee

No, you cannot. Payments must be made on a semi-annual basis.

Property Owners Dues

Those who rent homes here in Quail Creek have the same privileges (for the most part) as homeowners and may use the amenities and other services available to all residents. However, renters are not able to vote in POA Board elections nor possess a Robson membership card.

Quail Creek Property Owners Association Rules, located in Governing Documents.

We do not have a definite number as the entire development has not yet been planned by Robson. We believe that 4,500 homes will be the minimum however. Should Robson choose to do so, there is additional State Land to the north of the Road Runner Nine that could be purchased and added to the development sometime in the future.

No, it is not. Wildlife is a broad category and includes ducks, geese, coyotes, javalinas, bobcats, mountain lions, etc. It is permissible to maintain one or two wild bird feeding stations in your back yard but this does not include Quail Blocks. Food left on the ground from Quail Blocks, dog food and bird feeding stations attracts wild animals that you do not want in your back yard, including snakes.

A book of paint color schemes is available for use from the Concierge Desk at the Madera Clubhouse. The book may be taken home but requires a deposit and must be returned in less than 10 days as it is continually used by residents.

ALC Requirements & Permits

Yes. All exterior painting of the house whether trim, stucco or build-outs must have a permit from the ALC. The permit is free and must include your color scheme and or paint colors.

Architectural & Landscape Requirements and Guidelines  Updated July 7, 2017

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