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With the recent changes in member numbers, property numbers, and billing processes, there have been questions about the current methods of paying homeowner dues and member card accounts.  Listed below are the three methods of paying these bills and the details you need to make payments.

MEMBER CARD Account Payments go to:

Quail Creek
PO Box 65433
Phoenix AZ 85082-5433

If paying by check, please put your Association ID (20) and eight-digit Member Card Number on your check:  20-XXXXXXXX (insert your MEMBER number for the Xs - it is found on your Member Card or on your Member Card statement.)

Your POA DUES (once every six months) Payment goes to:

Quail Creek
PO Box 94134
Las Vegas NV  89193-4134

If paying by check, please put your Association ID (20) and your 10-digit PROPERTY number on your check: 20-XXXXXXXXXX (insert your PROPERTY number for the Xs - it is found on your POA Dues statement.)

Dues Assessments and Amenity Fees are mailed twice a year.

 Dues Period  Bill Date   Due Date   Late Fee Date 
 January through June  January 2   February 1   February 15 
 July through December   July 1   August 1  August 15


Payments received on or after the 15th are considered late and subject to a 10% late fee.  

The failure of a member to receive a bill does not relieve the member of liability for an Assessment or charge (per CCRs).

Checks may take 5 business days to process.

Dues are reviewed yearly during the budget process and approved by the Board of Directors along with the approval of the budget. This generally takes place at the November Board of Directors meeting and is reported in the Community Newspaper and is in reports on the POA website, in email updates, and the clubhouse library.

Homeowners may pay the entire year’s dues and amenity fees up front; however, there is no discount for paying the entire year in lieu of the two 6-month payments.

A. Payment Options for your MEMBER CARD and Quail Creek POA DUES accounts:

  1. Personal Check (Association ID = 20 plus your MEMBER # or PROPERTY # on your check.

  2. Online bill pay with your bank: - Your bank prints and sends a check to the lockbox. You must change your existing bill pay accounts to reflect the new association ID and member/property number. If you have a bill pay account for both the member card payments and the POA dues, both accounts need to be changed.

  3. One-Time eCheck Payment: Please note that this may take up to 4 days to process, so you will want to make your payment at least four days prior to the due date.  This payment is a true ACH bank-to-bank payment.  The link for an E-check payment is: There is no additional fee for paying your POA Dues using an “eCheck”. For technical issues using the check or credit card links, call Alliance Bank Help Desk 888-734-4567.

    Management ID # is 7056
    Association ID # 20
    Account / Member # is your member number/account number on your card or statement (8 digits)

    POA Dues
    Management ID # is 6923
    Association ID # is 20
    PROPERTY # on your POA Dues statement (10 digits)

  5. One-Time Credit Card Payment:
  6. To pay your POA Dues using a credit card, copy and paste the following link to your browser address bar -
  • It could take up to five (5) business days for your payment to be processed and credited to your account.
  • Alliance Association Bank charges a 3% processing fee for credit card payments.
  • The Management Company, ID for Robson Communities Inc. (RCI) is: "6923"
  • The Association ID for Quail Creek Property Owners Association (POA) is: "20"
  • For technical issues using the check or credit card links, call Alliance Bank Help Desk 888-734-4567

B. Quail Creek Villas Association, Inc.

Use the mailing address (below) to mail your payment for the Quail Creek Villas Association, Inc HOA Dues:

Quail Creek Villas Association, Inc.
P.O. Box 94134
Las Vegas, Nevada 89193-4134

  • Make checks payable: Quail Creek Villas Association, Inc.
  • Include the payment stub from your Quail Creek Villas Association invoice with your check
  • Write your PROPERTY Number on your check which begins with a "21". The Association ID is "20"


  • Payments must be made in U. S. Funds only
  • Do not consolidate your monthly Member Card payment with your Dues Assessment payment.

Due to cash flow requirements and that the POA pays bills weekly, monthly dues payments can not be accepted.  Post dated checks also are not acceptable and will be returned.

As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to keep your POA accounts up to date.  To ensure that you receive communications from the POA, including dues statements, it is your responsibility to keep your address information current. Address changes can be made by filling out a Change of Address form available online or at the POA admin office. The form may be completed and dropped off at the POA admin office or mailed to:

Quail Creek POA
9532 E Riggs Rd
Sun Lakes, AZ 85248. 

Please remember to update your phone number as well.

The dues paid on each property equates to two memberships. Any additional residents at the property must pay for an Associate Membership. Associate member dues are ½ (one-half) the regular dues assessment. Associate Membership applications can be downloaded from the POA website or picked up at the POA admin office. The form should be completed, signed and returned to the POA admin office or mailed to: 

Quail Creek POA
9532 E Riggs Rd
Sun Lakes, AZ 85248 

There is a limit of two associate memberships per household.

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