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Budget time is once again upon us. Please find attached a copy of the QCPOA “Spending Request” form developed by the Finance Committee. This will be the form we/you will use to make requests for the 2018 Budget. Please return your requests to the POA drop-off box on the west wall at the Concierge Desk by July 31, 2017.

The directors, managers and Board Members will budget for “Business As Usual” items such as electricity, natural gas, etc. Your task is to submit requests for additional equipment and/or unusual needs for your committee, club or activity. Please do not request funds for consumables.

As in the past, we will ask the various clubs and activities to participate in the purchase of new equipment, etc. The dollar/percentage amount will be recommended to the board by the Finance Committee. You may be contacted by a committee member for additional information if necessary. After the POA Board of Directors has approved the 2018 budget, at a regular or special board meeting, you will be contacted with information regarding your request(s).

Should you have any questions regarding the form or the process please contact the Concierge Desk and we will do our best to get you up to speed. Additional copies of the request form are available on-line at:
or in the Kiosk around the corner from the Concierge Desk Madera Clubhouse. 

On behalf of the Board of Directors, the Finance Committee and the staff, thank you in advance for your dedication and assistance.


Jack Sarsam
President, QCPOA

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