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Any Department/Club/Activity wishing to be considered for a 2019 budget allocation needs to complete the attached Budget Request Documentation. This data will provide the Finance Committee insight into the club/activity for review and consideration of their request. The package needs to be turned in by Monday, July 16, 4 PM at the Concierge Desk. Contact Anita Fisk, Finance Committee Chair, at 520-822-4809 with questions

2019 Budget Request Form

Hard copies are available in the Madera Clubhouse Kiosk

Quail Creek POA, 2019 Club/Activity Budgeting Process

  1.  Any Quail Creek Department, Chartered Club, or Activity wishing to be considered for a 2019 POA budget allocation shall observe the process as outlined below. These POA appropriations can take the form of either a capital or an expense classification, which will not be determined until the final review and approval process.
  2. Each club/activity is asked to complete a Budget Request Package consisting of two parts. The first page or document shall be the 2019 Budget Request Form (attached). The second page shall be a Club or Activity Profile on a standalone sheet of paper of the club’s/activities’ own format and choosing, outlining their activities and organization. The purpose is to provide to POA Management and the QC Finance Committee insight into the club or activity, and to enhance the appropriate review and consideration of the request. Suggested points to be covered in the Club Profile are provided below for guideline purposes, and are not meant to be all-inclusive.
    Not including the club/activity charter, this Club/Activity Profile normally need not
    exceed one page in length.
  • A copy of the club or activity charter, if one exists, denoting its organizational structure.
  • Any legal, charitable, or non-profit tax status, including confirming the use of an
    Employer Identification Number for any club/activity bank accounts if applicable.
  • The current number of members.
  • How, on what schedule, and on or in what venue do members participate in the club’s activities.
  • Can Quail Creek residents participate in the club-sponsored activities without being a formal member (i.e. open to the public).
  • Are dues assessed for club/activity members and are there other fund raising events or activities.
  • In the course of club activities, are members charged and/or responsible for materials or other consumables above and beyond the annual dues if applicable.
  • What is the anticipated life cycle of the item/s in the request. If the club/activity has obtained any formal quotes on the item/s being requested, they should be included.
  1. Each club/activity, with the minimum of an approximate ten-day notice, shall be asked on a specific date and time to be determined, to participate in a review of their submittal with members of the QC Finance Committee. This review process is intended to be no more than 10 minutes in duration per club/activity. The club/activity is requested to refrain from verbally repeating what has already been submitted and/or engaging in any extended justification presentation. The purpose is for Finance Committee and/or POA Management members to ask any open questions they may have for clarification purposes in regard to the club/activity request.
  2. Once the club/activity review meetings have concluded, the QC General Manager and the QC Finance Committee shall jointly review all submitted appropriation requests and prepare a recommendation list for approval. Departments/ Clubs/Activities shall be notified of this result, and this list shall be included in POA 2019 budget preparation activities as appropriate.
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