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Northstar_LogoNorthstar Update - October, 2017

Member cards may be picked up at the Madera Clubhouse Concierge Desk starting Monday, October 9. The old member cards are no longer active and can be discarded.

When you pick up your card, if you do not currently have a photo on file, one will be taken at that time. Only one household member needs to pick up member cards for all members of the household, however, residents may not pick up cards for friends and neighbors.

We are excited about implementing Northstar in Quail Creek and being better able to serve the community. With any new system, there is a learning curve. Please help us to help you, our friends and neighbors:

  • Please be patient while we learn the new Northstar system. Initially it may take a little longer until we can use the system with our eyes closed.
  • At Anza, please arrive at least 5 minutes before class so staff can check you in.
  • If you are renting at Quail Creek for 6 months or longer, please visit the Concierge Desk to get a Northstar renter card. Renter cards are not available at member distribution in Kino.
  • All guests need to get a guest card from the Concierge Desk. 

Looking for more answers? Please check Northstar Q&A.

Northstar Implementation

Northstar is a leading provider of business management software for private clubs and community associations. Their state-of-the-art community management software system is being rolled out in all Robson Communities (RCI) this year to maximize operational efficiencies. Northstar offers enhanced financial reporting and increased capabilities in managing business operations such as accounting, food and beverage operations and golf management; along with many other enhancements for POA operations.

The transition to Northstar is a large and ongoing project that began in 2016 with the expectation that the system hardware and software will be implemented on October 1, 2017. RCI is paying for the cost of the installation and management of the project. Quail Creek will be the fifth RCI property to convert to the Northstar system.

What This Means for Residents

  • As part of the implementation of Northstar at Quail Creek, it is important to begin with good data. Homeowner and property data is currently housed in multiple places - Robson, Guest Services (Concierge), the POA website, Pro Shop, Anza Athletic Club and more. Northstar allows our records to be maintained in one place.
  • We need every resident's help to make sure that our records are current and complete. To do that, we are conducting a membership drive.
  • Residents will be issued a new Homeowner card with a new member number, photo and RFID chip. Photos provide an extra level of security in the event your Homeowner card is lost. In addition to being used for identification, the new cards have the potential to be used for expanded charging privileges; such as purchasing tickets for Quail Creek events and activities. When you pick up your new card, we will verify your Date of Birth and Marital Status.
  • After go-live, scheduled for October 1, 2017, the current Robson Homeowner card will no longer work for golf reservations, charges at The Grill and Oasis Lounge, or fitness and pool check-in at the Anza Athletic Club. 

In addition to offering enhanced financial reporting and increased capabilities in managing our operations, the Northstar system provides many enhancements for our residents. Once the system is fully implemented, homeowners will have one location to access a wide variety of information for POA departments like golf, restaurants, activities and more. Future improvements for individuals include the ability to easily access their own profile information; view and pay statements online for dues and other charges and make dining reservations on-line.

For questions, please contact one of the on-site coordinators for the Northstar project:

  • Daryl Laux, Webmaster/Editor of What's Happening - Daryl.Laux@Robson.com
  • Cindy Mayhle, Anza Athletic Club Director - Cindy.Mayhle@Robson.com
  • Debbie Deptula, Admin Assistant - Debbie.Deptula@Robson.com
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