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Northstar_LogoNew Membership Cards:


Why do I need a new membership card? 

Our POA is converting to a new business management software system, Northstar, which is tied to the new cards. Once the new system is implemented (planned to be October 1), your old card will no longer be valid and you will need your new card.

Will I need to carry my new card with me all of the time?

If you wish to access the Fitness Center or to use your card for charging expenses at the Restaurants, Golf Shops, or Activities Office, we recommend that you carry the new card.

Are there any alternatives to carrying the new member card when I go to the Fitness Center, play golf, etc.?

Yes, key fobs and sports bracelets will be available for purchase which will have the same chip as your new card, so they can be used when you are being active and wish to leave your card at home.

What do I do with my old homeowner’s card?

Your old card will no longer be active as of the planned go-live date of October 1. After that date, you may keep it as a souvenir or toss it, your choice.

Why do I have to have a picture on my membership card?

Having a photo on your card increases security if your card is lost. It also prevents unauthorized visitors from using someone’s card.

I own more than one home in Quail Creek. Will I get a new member card for each home?

You will only get one membership card, but all of your properties will be tied to it in Northstar.

Will renters get membership cards, too?

Long-term renters (6 month lease or longer) will have the same membership cards as residents.

When will the new membership cards come? Will the new cards be mailed to us?

We are expecting them to be available at the end of September. Please look for an announcement in What’s Happening regarding where to pick up your card. Cards will not be mailed.

What happens if we’re out of town when the cards are distributed?

Your card will be held for you until you return. When you are back in Quail Creek, just stop by the Concierge Desk in the lobby of the Madera Clubhouse to pick up your card.

I heard we will be getting two versions of the card – one without a picture and one with a picture. Why are they being printed twice?

Not all cards will be printed twice, but some will. The deadline for sending our membership list and photos to the printer may be earlier than residents who live in Quail Creek part of the year. Member cards will be reprinted for those residents for whom we do not have a photo and were not in residence when photos were taken.

Data for Northstar:


How do I submit my data for Northstar?

At this time we are switching to collecting membership information in person at the Membership Room. If you have not already submitted your data, please come to the Membership Room with your driver's license and emergency contact information. We'll input the data at that time.

Why do you want my contact and emergency information again? It’s already on file.

We are collecting fresh information from everyone because some of the information currently on file is inaccurate and/or outdated. For instance, many people have taken out their land lines and are using cell phones exclusively. People also change email addresses frequently. We want to make sure we have the most current information in our new database.

I filled out the online form, but didn’t receive a confirmation that you received my data. Now what?

When you submitted the online form, you should have seen a screen that thanked you for your submission. If you want to confirm that we received your data, please stop by the Membership Room and we’ll check the database.

How do I add new or changed information to my form? 

You may add or change information by emailing Daryl.Laux@Robson.com

Does it matter who fills out the info for Resident #1 or Resident #2? 

No, either member of the household can be in either position. In the Northstar system, Resident #1 is the first person on the deed to your home, but you do not need to worry about that when submitting your data.

I don’t use my middle name. Why do I have to include it?

Amazingly, we have several members of our community who share the same first and last names. Because of that, we are asking you to share your middle name so that we may make a positive identification and not mix you up with someone else.

Northstar_LogoPhotographs for Northstar:

Why do I need a photo on my member card?
Having a photo on your card increases security if your card is lost. It also prevents unauthorized visitors from using someone’s card.

Where do I go to get my picture taken?

The Membership Room is in the Mesquite Room in the Kino Conference Center, located next to the Pro Shop. The Membership Room is open 9 AM to Noon, Monday through Friday and 8 AM to 10 AM on Saturday during August and into September. 

If I have a photo on file at the Fitness Center, do I need to have a new photo taken?

Not all photos from the Fitness Centers could be used, unfortunately, because people were wearing dark glasses and/or hats, and the lighting and quality of the pictures were not sufficient.

How did you decide which Fitness Center photos were put into Northstar?

All photos that were sharp and easily display the resident have been or are being loaded into the Northstar system.  Some photos could not be used due to picture quality or because the person was wearing dark glasses and/or a hat. In some cases, we couldn’t match a photo to a current homeowner.

I hate my picture from the Fitness Center. Can I have it taken again?

Please come to the Membership Room and we’ll be happy to take your picture again.

We’re out of town until October 1st – how can we get our photos taken? 

When you return to Quail Creek, visit the Concierge Desk in the Lobby of the Madera Clubhouse and we will take your picture.

Can I submit a photo for my member card?

You are welcome to submit a photo (.jpg or .png format, please) to Daryl.Laux@Robson.com. If the photo cannot be used, you will be notified by return email.

Northstar_LogoCharging Privileges with the new Member Card:


Will I still be able use my homeowner’s card to charge expenses at the Grill and Pro Shop?

Yes, if you are currently using your homeowner’s card to charge expenses, you will be able to use the new member card in the same way.

Where can I use my new membership card?

As in the past, the member card can be used at the new Madera Grill and The Grill at Quail Creek and Oasis Lounge when it reopens next year as well as the Pro Shop. In addition, you will be able to use it at the Anza Athletic Club and the Activities Office.

If I don’t currently use my homeowner’s card to charge, how can I do that in the future?

In order to use your member card to charge at the restaurant, Pro Shop, and Activities Office, you need to fill out a Signing Privileges form. 

Where can I get a copy of the Signing Privileges form?

These forms are available at the Membership Room and at the Madera Clubhouse Concierge Desk. It can also be downloaded online.

I've heard that I must sign a new Fitness Waiver and Release of Liability form. Why?

We need to have updated waivers with new signatures every few years.  We are taking this opportunity to expand the current form to not only include the fitness center and pools but the tennis and pickleball courts, as well.  Your new waiver will be stored in the Northstar system as part of your electronic record.

Where can I send the form if I’m out of town?

Please return your form by postal mail to:
Quail Creek POA
Attn: Debbie Deptula
2055 E Quail Crossing Blvd
Green Valley, AZ 85614



What is Northstar?

Northstar is a state-of-the-art club management software system that is being implemented across all Robson properties. It provides greatly improved capabilities for management of golf operations, food and beverage, fitness centers, activities office events and ticketing, membership administration, and more. 

Why are we converting to it?

The current software being used throughout Robson properties has aged and needs replacing. The Northstar system is always being updated, so we will keep pace with technology as time passes. Also, we will be working with one database with Northstar, eliminating the need to keep your information updated in numerous places as we do today. 

What will it do for me, a homeowner?

After the system goes live, you will have greater opportunities to use your member card, including charging and building access. We will also be introducing new online options for making restaurant reservations, paying your homeowner bills online, viewing events scheduled throughout Quail Creek, and more. We will also have a new POA website that ties to the Northstar system.

Why was the implementation scheduled for the summer, when so many people are gone? Summer was chosen for implementation precisely because so many people are gone. We wanted to implement the operations-oriented part of the system when fewer people were using the amenities at Quail Creek. That way, while the POA staff masters using the system, there will be a lighter regular workload than if we did it during the fall and winter. It also helps us spread out the updating of member information so we don’t have long lines for photos and data update.

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