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Insulation for Outside Water Pipes
Bill Camarillo
Installing a FOAM INSULATED BOX over the outside water riser & auxiliary piping:

• And/or applying an add'l layer of insulation over existing insulation
• Do away with unsightly blankets, towels or damaged insulation media
• Protect existing insulation already in place
• Protect other outdoor items from UV

The Foam Insulated Box (FIB) is constructed to fit primarily over the outside house water line riser, the valving, the adjacent water irrigation anti-siphon valve & exposed plumbing, & painted with your house paint.
FIB is constructed of 1.5" foam board.

• Each FIB is custom built w/ a 2-yr mechanical warranty
• To date, there are 61 FIBs in service
• There are 3 FIBs in service for over 9 yrs, with no plumbing or pipe insulation compromised
• FIB price range is based on plumbing configuration. The standard price range is $150-$175, QC pricing
• The FIB can be designed to protect other assets
• To insulate or re-insulate your pipes, pricing is $35 per hour plus mat'ls
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