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QC Home Watch Service
Mike Sable
Exterior inspection

• Energize water supply on outside of house
• Check for exterior signs of intrusion, vandalism, weather damage
• Ensure doors, windows & gates are secure
• Inspect landscaping & irrigation system
• Spot spray weeds
• Remove newspapers, solicitations, door hangers
• Cobweb removal
• Blow off hard surfaces with blower
• Pickup mail

Interior inspection

• Flush toilets
• Check faucets for leaks
• Run garbage disposal
• Fill washing machine and dish washer drains
• Check house temperature
• Check refrigerator operation
• Check water heater & softener for leaks
• Operate garage door
• Check golf cart battery water level. Fill if required.
• Inspect home walls & ceilings for leaks
• Check smoke detector batteries
• Check for pest intrusion
• Secure home and shut off water main
• E-mail notification of issues needing attention (photos)

Additional services available

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