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Adopt-a-HoleAdopt-A-Hole Needs Your Help!

The Adopt-A-Hole Program enables our members to take active “ownership” of one or more holes on the golf course with a commitment to providing extra care on your adopted hole whenever the opportunity arises. This will involve taking a sand bucket out and filling divots on the tees and in the fairway, fixing as many ball marks on the green as possible, picking up any trash, and notifying the golf staff if there are any specific maintenance needs or issues that may arise on your hole throughout the season. The Golf Maintenance staff provides the needed sand, seed, buckets, sand bottles, and divot tools upon request to help you care for your hole.


  1. Bob & Pam Coulter
  2. Adam Mangino, Sep-May
  3. Jim Blank and Larry Thomas
  4. Chuck & Karen Stensrud
  5. Paul Simpson
  6. Al & Lorie Klug
  7. Dave Erickson with helpers Ed Fabian,Tommy Murray,Peter Prairie, Jerry Smith Todd Smyth
  8. Pete & Jan Delcour
  9. Frank Hewitt with helpers Tom Nease, Jim Ratley, Jim Neal


  1. George Ratts
  2. Jay Lucus & Janet Wegner
  3. Jerry & BJ Hanks
  4. Bill Drozda with helpers Dean Walker, John Phipps (Ball marks on Green)
  5. Dick Messer
  6. Ed and Alyce Mancini with helper Karen Callen
  7. Paul Schupmann, Frank Aerstin and John Maxin
  8. Pat Hendershott (Tee box/Drop area)
  9. John McGee with helpers Don Fauth (Wed), Frank & Marge Parkins


  1. Tommy & Craig Reid
  2. Ralph Estrada
  3. Nick Kramer
  4. Paul & JoAnn Salazar Gone mid June to Aug
  5. Doug & Lynda Detman
  6. Al and Kathy Olbeter
  7. Julie Daines & Roger Oravetz
  8. Gary Pretzer
  9. Ben & Lesley Moore with helper Larry Laughman

There are always vacancies in the program. Please contact Dick Messer by email, or by phone 951-347-5304.

Updated 1/13/2019
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