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Notes from the Superintendent - December 14, 2017


Past Month

  • The greens are continuing to recover .The space that was the temporary green on RoadRunner #7 is starting to fill in.
  • AZ Fish and Game have trapped and relocated 19 javelina so far with more to come.  Some resident(s) have tried to interfere with the process for whatever reason. For your own safety please do not get near the pens.


  • Greens continue to be cut at 5/32” and will be reduced to the final winter height of 1/8” around January 1.
  • All greens will continue to be sprayed with fertilizer on an as needed basis.
  • Granular fertilizer has been applied to combat the soil borne fungus which creates the “fairy ring” effect on the greens and fairways.
  • Non-overseeded fairways will continue to be painted again as needed.
    All bunkers are in the process being edged.
  • A new piece of equipment, Air2G2, has been purchased. This machine has tines which will be lowered 7” into the greens and any other areas that are hard and air injected into the soil to fracture the subsoil. This relieves soil compaction, aerates the soil, and allows the trapped gasses to escape thus promoting healthier greens and greater grass growth. This machine can be used year-round and we will try to do this every six weeks.

Going Forward

  • Continue to fluff all greenside traps as needed.
  • Continue to plan towards the project at the exit gates on RR #9 to clean up and improve that area after the first of the new year.
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