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Entry Procedures for Anza Athletic Club
New Card Swiping System for Residents, starting July 1, 2015
No more bracelets needed

Resident Information:

Residents must have their Robson Cards to enter the fitness center and the pools. During staffed hours, everyone must enter through the front door, or the door by the Bocce Courts. Everyone must go to the front desk to have their Robson Card swiped. Staff will record whether you are going to the pools, fitness center or a class.

If a resident does not have their Robson Card, they will not be allowed entry.

Residents may leave the pool area by the gates, but will not be able to enter the pools by the gates during staffed hours.

During times 4 AM - 5 AM, and from 9 PM - 11 PM, residents may enter the pools with a key, since those hours will not be staffed.

Lost Your Robson Card?

Apply for a new card at the Concierge Desk in the Madera Clubhouse. Forms are available online and at the Concierge Desk. Please turn the form into the Concierge Desk. It takes 7 to 10 days to receive your new card.

Renter Information

Renters must show their Renter identification card to fitness staff, upon entry, at the Anza Athletic Club (AAC). In addition, there are some forms that need to be signed; e.g., Waiver and Release. Each renter must have their ID card, which grants them access to use the gym and pool areas or attend classes or other activities.

No key is needed to access the Athletic Club, as the doors are handicapped accessible and are unlocked during the day. You will still need a pool key to access the pool when Anza is not open. A pool key can be obtained from the Concierge Desk at the Madera Clubhouse. The cost of the key is $3.00, and is non-refundable.

Guest Information

Guests are welcome to use the fitness facilities, including the pools at the Anza Athletic Club (AAC). Guests must either have a Guest Identification card issued by the staff at the Concierge Desk, or be accompanied by their sponsor; i.e., resident or renter. Guests will need to check in at the Anza reception desk. 

Guest Use (Age 18 and Older) when Accompanied by Resident or Renter (Sponsor) at all times while using the Gym or Pool areas:

  • Sponsor and guest to stop at the front desk and check in with the fitness attendant. 
  • Guest to sign applicable forms before using the facilities.

Guest User (Age 18 and Older) With Possession of a Valid Quail Creek POA Guest Card:

  • Present Guest card (obtained from Concierge staff) to fitness attendant. Sign applicable forms and length of your stay.
  • Guest card Identifies to fitness staff and Patrol that the user is a valid guesst.
  • ID card contains contact information that is used in case of emergency.
  • On subsequent days, check in with the attendant to validate ID card.
  • Guest must bring ID card with each visit. They should present the card to the attendant on duty.
  • Quail Creek POA Guest Cards are not required for children under the age of 18
  • Children under the age of 18 must always be accompanied by an adult.
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