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As a new homeowner, your first stop should be Concierge Desk located in the lobby of the the Madera Clubhouse. There you will be greeted by a friendly staff member and receive a warm welcome to the community.

You will receive a Welcome Packet which contains information and forms such as:

You will receive a copy of the latest Source Book which contains the names and addresses of residents who wish to be listed. In order to be listed in the next Source Book, you need to fill out and submit the form located in the first few pages of the book or complete the online Source Book form.  The deadline for submission of information and/or corrections is July 1 of each year.

In addition, you will receive your temporary Homeowner's Cards, you ID at Quail Creek until your permanent cards arrive at your mailing address. You will also fill out a greeter information form - information to be passed on to the Greeter Committee. You will then be contacted to attend the next Greeter Meeting! Last, but not least, you will receive a quick overview of the Madera Clubhouse, pointing our our Coffee Bar, kiosk with forms and information, the list of Quail Creek Clubs and Activities and contact person.

The Concierge Desk will be your information center and contact for any POA personnel. They also act as a Box Office for tickets sales for events in Quail Creek. The number for the Concierge Desk is 520-393-5822.

New Homeowner's Reception

A reception for new owners is held several times a year, with Property Owners Association (POA) officers and committee chairs detailing how our community works. Watch What's Happening at Quail Creek for announcements of an upcoming new homeowner's reception.

Finding your way around Quail Creek
Quail Creek is fortunate to have a variety of facilities, meeting rooms and sports venues available, but it can be a challenge to find your way around. Navigate the streets and buildings of Quail Creek with the help of maps and floor plans of many of the commonly used areas. Located under Residents > Maps and Floor Plans, this section of the website can help.

Gate Access - Window Tag Installation

Both the Main Gate and South (Back) are accessible with an electronic window tag. To register for a window tag, complete a Window Tag Registration Form. Call the Gate House at 393-2941 for an appointment for window tag installation. Complete one form for each vehicle. Bring the completed form, Homeowner ID card and your vehicle registration to the Gate House at your appointment time. The window tag is a Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) sticker which automatically lifts the gate, as your vehicle approaches, allowing you entry. If you choose not to use a RFID window tag or the tag does not work in your particular vehicle, you may present your Robson issued Homeowner's card at the Main Gate for access. Window tags for two vehicles are installed at no charge. Additional vehicles may be tagged for $25 each.

Homeowner's Cards

Your Robson issued Homeowner's Card(s) will be mailed to the address you provided on your walk-through paperwork. The cards are the same shape and size as a credit card and will arrive in an unmarked envelope in approximately 6-8 weeks. DO NOT THROW THEM AWAY!

Your cards may be activated as signing privilege cards with Robson. Please fill out the form enclosed with the cards and send to the address in Sun Lakes, Arizona. Keep the bottom of the form for important information regarding your card.

If you activate your Robson card for signing privileges, please send Robson Card payments to the Robson Corporate office:

Robson Communities, Inc.
9532 E Riggs Rd
Sun Lakes, AZ 85248

Architectural and Landscape Committee (ALC)

Initial landscaping for new homeowners must be completed within 90 days of the close of escrow. The ALC is responsible for the guidelines that define criteria for maintaining our homes and landscaping.  These criteria support the value of our Quail Creek investment by ensuring we remain surrounded by homes reflecting acceptable aesthetic standards. The ALC Requirements and Guidelines (Updated July 7, 2017) along with ALC FAQs and plants for Landscaping in Arizona are available on the website.  The ALC meets Thursday mornings at 9:00 AM in the Gold Room of the Madera Clubhouse to review ALC Permit Applications and issue an ALC permit on project approval with an anticipated completion date.

The State of Arizona requires that a licensed contractor be used for project that will exceed the sum of $1,000. The Quail Creek Architectural and Landscaping Committee strongly recommends that homeowners use only licensed contractors. Contact the Arizona State Registrar of Contractors (520-628-6345) to verify the status of a contractor’s license and to hear about any complaints against him/her.

Rules, Policies and Guidelines

The POA Board and Committees have developed a number of rules, policies and guidelines to ensure that life in Quail Creek remains consistent with being a premier active adult community. You can find the documents that govern Quail Creek under Association Living > Governing Documents

In addition there are several hard copy documents available:

  • Quail Creek Homeowner's Guide (hard copy received at time of home purchase)
  • Quail Creek Source Book (available from the Property Owner's Association office in the Madera Clubhouse)

Quail Creek Source Book

The Quail Creek Source Book is a printed reference book that you should have received when you closed on your house.  It contains a resident directory as well as general information, a resource guide, and advertising from local merchants.  This book is published annually by Robson Publishing.  In order to be listed in the next Source Book, you need to fill out and submit the form located in the first few pages of the book or complete the onlineSource Book form.  The deadline for submission of information and/or corrections is July 1 of each year.

Unit Reps

Unit Reps are members of the community who serve as a liaison between the POA and homeowners.  Your unit rep may be one of your neighbors or another homeowner who has volunteered to represent your unit.  If you have questions or need assistance, your Unit Rep can help direct you to the department, manager, or group that can help you.  If you don't already know your Unit Rep, you can find him or her on the Unit Reps Committee page.  If you have a new telephone or email address, be sure to let your Unit Rep know so that they can stay in touch regarding neighborhood activities.

Enjoying Life at Quail Creek

There are so many fun things to do here at Quail Creek that you'll never be bored! Whether you passion is golf, fitness, the arts, lectures or volunteering, you'll find a group for you! For instance, the Activities Department hosts concerts, bus trip, TGIF dances and many other events throughout the year. Click on Community Calendar to view the schedule. Tickets for activities hosted by the Activities Department may be purchased online,, or at the Concierge Desk. 

Quail Creek's Anza Athletic Club welcomes you to jump in the pool, take an exercise class, or work out independently or with a personal trainer. Anza uses a card-swipe system that utilizes your Robson Homeowner Card. 

Clubs are formed for many areas of interest, including cards and games, performing arts, creative arts, sports, and religious, political or other interests. Clubs are listed under Clubs and Activities. There you will find more information about each club and how to contact them. 

If you're hungry, be sure to visit the Grill Restaurant & Oasis Lounge. Check out this month's Specials as well as monthly Wine Dinners. Early risers can visit the Coffee Bar in the Madera Clubhouse.

Quail Creek's three nine-hole courses and Pro Shop await you, whether you are an experienced golfer or just taking up the game. Visit the Quail Creek Country Club page for all the information you'll need to get started.

Communications at Quail Creek

Quail Creek website

The QCPOA website is your source of information about the Quail Creek community.  On the website, you'll find information on events, announcements, amenities, staff organization, documents, forms, and much more.  You are encouraged to keep your website Personal Profile up-to-date so that you receive the daily What's Happening email.  If you need assistance, please contact the Concierge Desk located in the lobby of the Madera Clubhouse.

What's Happening at Quail Creek

Keep up with activities, free and ticketed events and Property Owners Association news in Quail Creek!  What's Happening is an opt-in subscription to our daily email newsletter published Monday through Friday. The newsletter is for property owners and long term renters in Quail Creek. What's Happening is also available online. 

Sahuarita Snippets

Sahuarita Snippets is a monthly publication, authored by Quail Creek Resident and Sahuarita Town Council Member, Gil Lusk. Sahuarita Snippets is information about the town of Sahuarita in which the Quail Creek community is physically located.

Quail Creek Crossing

The Quail Creek Crossing is published monthly by Robson Publishing and is mailed to your Quail Creek address. It is also available at the Madera Clubhouse on or near the 16th of each month. The Crossing contains articles about events, club updates and advertising from local merchants. The Crossing can also be read online at

Bulletin Board and Kiosk in the Clubhouse

There is a bulletin board and information slots in the hallway around the corner from the Madera Clubhouse Concierge Desk. Here you can find flyers and forms for various clubs and activities in the community. The daily schedule for the Clubhouse meeting rooms is posted there as well.

Going on Vacation?

Have the Quail Creek Patrol check your house. Just fill out a Vacation Watch Form, also available in the hallway at the Madera Clubhouse. Turn the completed form in to the front Gate House or drop it off at the Concierge Desk in the Madera Clubhouse. Be sure to call Patrol upon your return (393-2941) to discontinue vacation watch.

Renting out your Quail Creek home?

Be sure to read your copy of the current version of the Quail Creek Rules regarding renting out your Quail Creek Home. Future rental dates and names must be provided to the Concierge Desk. Also, before the Concierge Desk can issue Qualified Renter's Cards, you must turn in your Robson issued Homeowner's Cards to the QCPOA office. If you have any questions, please call the Concierge Desk at 520-393-5822.

Property Owner's Association (POA)

The Quail Creek Property Owner's Association (QCPOA) Administration Office is located in the Madera Clubhouse. Office hours are 8 AM to 4 PM, Monday through Friday, closed between Noon and 1 PM for lunch; open Saturdays 9 AM to Noon from January through April. The phone number is 520-393-5822. See the Source Book for names and contact numbers or Who to Contact? on the website.

POA Board Meetings and Question & Answer Meetings

All Quail Creek Owners are encouraged to attend POA Board Meetings.  Owner questions and comments are taken at Board meetings. See Property Owners Assn. for meeting dates, times and locations.

Things You Need to Do:

  • Driver's License - Apply for an Arizona Driver's License, license plates and voter registration at the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division. Arizona issues an "extended" driver license that expires at age 65. Renewed licenses are valid for five years. Drivers 60 years old and older will receive a five-year license. The Motor Vehicle Division does not have a formal notification process to notify you that your license is expiring.
  • License Plate - State law requires that "ARIZONA" (or "AZ" in the case of a small-size plate) at the top of Arizona license plates not be covered or otherwise obscured. Any license plate frame, holder or cover that prevents the license plate from being clearly legible, is in violation of the law.
  • Name Tag - If you wish to order a name tag, order forms are available from the Concierge Desk in the Madera Clubhouse. Order directly from the company.
  • Postal Service - Set up local postal service and pick up your mailbox keys from the USPS, 50 E Continental Rd, Green Valley, AZ 85614.
  • Satellite Dish - If you plan to install a Satellite Dish, you need to notify the ALC, per ALC Reqs & Permits. Forms are available at the Concierge Desk in the Madera Clubhouse.
  • Utilities - Contact local utility companies for services. See Who to Contact?
  • Visit the Green Valley/Sahuarita Chamber of Commerce or for information about the local area. Chamber offices are located at 275 W. Continental Road, Suite 123. Call for information 520-625-7575.

Things to Consider:

  • Internet Access - Free WiFi is available throughout the Madera Clubhouse. Select the network "Madera", no password required.
  • Pest Exterminator
  • Rain Gutters
  • Solar Screens for Windows
  • Window Coverings
  • Tucson telephone directories - Call 1-800-422-8793 to order
  • Veterinarian for pet safety and licensing information
  • Water Softener/Reverse Osmosis System

Any questions?

We hope this information is of assistance as you get settled in your new home. If you have questions, we encourage you to contact the Concierge Desk, 520-393-5822, located in the lobby of the Madera Clubhouse or your Unit Rep. If you have questions about the website, contact the webmaster at

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