A Better Way to a Healthier You


A Better Way to a Healthier You

Because it feels good to feel good.
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Is your HEALTH helping you
do the things that MATTER MOST
with confidence and ease?

Not really? Could be better?

I can help.
I’m Michelle (Mitzi) Anderson.

I’m an Independent, Certified Optavia Health Coach.

I help people lose weight, change their relationship with food, and achieve breakthrough in their health.

Learning how to contend for my own health has been a game changer.

It didn't come easy. I always thought I could out-exercise my fork. I struggled with autoimmune and digestive issues. But when I turned 50, I watched a friend lose weight & keep it off for a year. I wanted her results. I researched & joined her program. I lost 60#s, reversed an autoimmune disease, dropped 5 meds, & have kept it off since 2012,

What does health look like in my daily life?

It means I don't hide from cameras. I enjoy stamina and confidence. I can wear any item of clothing in my closet without hesitation. I can swim, hike, golf, kayak, run a business, and keep up with my grandkids. My husband got his wife back; my kids got their mom back. Health changes everything.

In 2014, I grabbed the opportunity to link arms with the program that positively impacted my life.

Our program is clinically-proved and backed by science. We get results because it's simple and convenient. My company has impacted over 2 million lives since 2002. In 8 years, I’ve fostered communities that have impacted over 5,000. I've helped people from their teen years into their 90's. I’m certified. And I’m free to my clients.

Why people say YES to Our Program:
  • Lose weight
  • Get results that last
  • Dial in on healthier nutrition
  • Reduce pressure on feet and knees
  • Reduce aches and pains
  • Tame inflammation
  • Gain energy
  • Sleep better
  • Lower A1C
  • Drop medications
  • Improve rehab experience from hip and knee surgeries
  • To live and age vibrantly
  • And so much more

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