Arizona Screen Rooms, Shades and Pergolas

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Screen Rooms
Adding an Arizona screen room to your home can be a great way to increase your usable space and bring the outdoors inside. Not only does a screen room add value to your home, but it also offers additional space for entertaining family and friends or simply enjoying the fresh air. A screen room is designed to provide protection from insects, sun, wind, rain, and other elements while still allowing the beauty of the outdoors in with minimal obstructions.

Exterior Shades
An outdoor shade (also known as an exterior shade) is very similar to a traditional roller shade. The difference is that an outdoor shade is typically woven from PVC or HDPE material, creating a mesh-like fabric that allows more light to pass through. The internal mechanisms are typically made with heavier duty materials than indoor shades for withstanding the elements. They also resist fading, warping and mold.

Pergolas provide a focal point that can either become the main focus of the yard or can accentuate a beautiful garden, courtyard, or patio area. If you decide to use it as a place for vines to grow they can be covered with green leaves and blossoms. Despite the fact that pergolas don’t actually have roofs, they do provide some shade. How much shade depends on the size of their slats, their location in the yard, and any modifications you choose to make.