Custom Massage

Contact: Zhirong (Joyce) Eichholtz
Phone: 520-222-6336
Hours: Mon-Sat - 9 AM to 9 PM, Sun - Closed

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A new client from Quail Creek receives one enhanced add-on. Choose from Cupping Therapy, CBD Therapy, Paraffin Wax Hand Treatment, Cold Therapy, or Hot Stone / Heating Pad.

This is a 3-room office, with a reception/waiting area, restrooms, and a massage therapy room. Professional massage, Eastern and Western integrated massage therapy. Pain and stress relief! 

A Tranquil Retreat at Custom Massage
Google Review April 16, 2024

From the moment I stepped into Custom Massage, the service was exceptional. Joyce, a seasoned massage therapist, is a master at her craft, demonstrating an ability to customize her techniques with precision and care to meet individual needs. The environment at Custom Massage enhanced the experience with a soothing ambiance that immediately put me at ease. I felt significant muscle relaxation and stress relief, which are testaments to Joyce's skill and the effectiveness of her approach. The entire session was not just deeply relaxing but transformative, making it more than just a massage—it was a true retreat. I wholeheartedly recommend Joyce to anyone seeking a professional massage that delivers both immediate relief and lasting calm. I found genuine value in the peace and comfort.