Gate Access Tags

Quail Creek Registration Form for vehicle tag installation.

Gate Tag Registration Form  Print and fill out by hand ​

After you complete the form, bring it to the gatehouse along with your Quail Creek member card or key fob (or other proof of ownership or rental). Gatehouse staff will prepare your new tag and call you when it's ready.

Please complete one form per vehicle, and please file a new form whenever vehicle information changes, even if you don't need a new tag.

Tip: Gate tags issued for vehicles with temporary license plates will expire, so be sure to let us know when you get your final license plate!
Homeowners get two free gate tags per Quail Creek household. After that, to offset the cost of the tags themselves, new tags are $25 each regardless of the reason needed. Renter tags are $35 each.

Tag payment can be made in cash or by check made out to QCCC (Quail Creek Country Club).