Get a Grip! Club Re-Gripping and Repair


Contact: Randy Mathis
Phone: 520-399-1473
Address: 1032 N Rams Head Rd, Green Valley, AZ, USA, 85614

Improve your game with new grips!
See the display in the Quail Creek Pro Shop of items in stock
Large inventory on hand
24-hr turn around for grips in stock
Special order for non-stocking grips, 7-day turn around on special orders

Why regrip?

  • Grip design and material improved for better feel and control
  • Newer grips work in all weather conditions
  • Multiple sizes to choose from to fit your hand size
  • Players with arthritis gain comfort with softer grips
  • Slick grips contribute to excessive grip tension and pressure

Club Repair & Modifications

  • Re-shaft clubs. As we age our swing speed slows down. Replacing a shaft is cheaper than buying a new club!
  • Shafts too long or short - add extensions or cut to correct length
  • Epoxy heads. Every now and then a head does come loose, I can re-epoxy a head to the shaft.

Randy Mathis: Call or text at 399-1473
I have been doing the re-gripping and repairs for the Pro Shop for 10+ years 
Quail Creek resident