How To Help Patrol

Encourage all residents, guests, employees and visitors to obey traffic regulations:

  • Speed limits are 35 MPH on Quail Crossing Blvd and Quail Range Loop, 25 MPH on Quail View Loop and residential streets and 15 MPH in front of or around any of the community buildings and parking lots.
  • All vehicles, golf carts and bicycles must come to a FULL STOP at all stop signs and yield to other vehicles and pedestrians prior to proceeding.
  • Vehicles making right hand turns should start from the traffic lane, not the multi-purpose use lane (golf cart/ bicycle and walking lane). Golf carts & bicycles are NOT allowed on sidewalks.
  • The back gate is for residents ONLY with gate tag and emergency vehicles.
  • In order not to impede access for emergency vehicles, please remember that vehicles cannot be parked closer than 75 feet from another vehicle parked on the opposite side of the street.
  • Parking in the multi-purpose lane is not permitted at any time.
  • Parking between midnight and 5 AM is not permitted on Quail Creek streets.

In case of emergency - CALL 911

  • Please advise the gatehouse (520-393-2941) of guests/family members arriving AFTER 8:30 PM and BEFORE 6 AM. Include their name(s), expected time of arrival, length of stay, need for Visitor card.
  • Please remember to obtain a gate access window tag as soon as you become a resident, buy a new vehicle or replace a windshield. Call the gatehouse (393-2941) for an appointment.
  • Close your garage door before going to bed! Snakes and other varmints love to hang out there! We will call you if your garage door is left open after dark.
  • If you need help with removal of a snake, call Green Valley Fire Department at 520-629-9200 or 911 if an emergency.
  • If you see anything unusual or suspicious call the Gatehouse (520-393-2941).