Pottery & Sculpture Studio-POTS


Come explore the wonderful world of clay with opportunities in hand building, wheel throwing or sculpting in our well-equipped studio at the Creative Arts and Technology Center (CATC).  

Annual membership is $25 and includes orientation training in the fundamentals of hand-building and/or wheel throwing and glazing techniques.

Please stop by the studio in the CATC building for further information and a tour of our facility.

Studio Hours
Monday, Wednesday and Friday 1 - 5 pm
Tuesday and Thursday 9 am - 12 noon



For the Totem Sale, click on qcpots.com/store

Virtual Totem Sale

  1. After you click on qcpots.com/store, scroll down to see the Totems.
  2. Select several Totems, list in order with your 1st choice first, as not all Totems may be available.
  3. Go to the Contact Page and fill out the Contact form with your information and the Totem Catalog Numbers you have chosen.
  4. Our Sales Coordinator will call you with the results of your request and book an appointment for you to come to the Pottery Studio and see your selection.
  5. No Shipping, Pickup at Studio Only.
  6. If the Totem meets or exceeds your expectations, we will complete the purchase
  7. Only Cash or Checks are accepted. No Credit Cards.