Architectural and Landscape Committee

The Architectural and Landscape Committee (ALC) is responsible for the document each new resident receives that defines criteria for maintaining our homes and landscaping.  These criteria support the value of our Quail Creek investment by ensuring we remain surrounded by homes reflecting acceptable aesthetic standards, The ALC monitors adherence to these criteria and updates them as needed.

Architectural & Landscape Requirements & Permits
Arizona Landscaping

Arizona Department of Real Estate:

Request for Investigation
Investigation Process

ALC Office Phone:520-393-5803; ALC Email:

Committee Members - Updated 9/23/2020

  1. John O'Rourke, Chair, POA Board Representative
  2. Mark Simos, ALC Manager
  3. Mimi Burgos, ALC Clerk 
  4. Dawn Alleman
  5. Patricia Colburn
  6. Cathy Goodrich
  7. Joe Zimny


Meetings are scheduled every Thursday, 9 AM, Gold Room, Madera Clubhouse. Changes to the meeting schedule are announced in What's Happening.