You used to chase the clock. Now you can pursue your passion.

Winding through the high Sonoran desert terrain, with views of the Santa Rita Mountains, Quail Creek’s 27 holes of championship golf create a magnificent centerpiece surrounded by beautiful open spaces. Drop by your home course, where the golf staff greets you by name, and enjoy a day with friends on the links.

Quail Creek Golf Club Pro Shop: 520-393-5802.

Couples Golf Association

The Quail Creek Couples Golf Association was formed to conduct couples’ golf tournaments and promote friendship among members. “Couples” is defined as a male and female playing together, whether they be married, significant others, or just good golfing friends.

Lunch and fun golf once a month. Participants must have local handicap through one of Quail Creek's recognized golf organizations.

Ladies' Golf Association (18 Holes)

Membership in the Quail Creek Ladies Golf Association is open to property owners in good standing at Quail Creek Resort Community; or, have signed a contract with intent to build; or, hold a special non-resident Quail Creek Annual Golf Membership; or, have a rental contract for a home in Quail Creek.  You must also have a current Arizona USGA Handicap. The Arizona Women's Golf Association (AWGA) annual dues are $30.00. QCLGA Annual dues are $25.00. These 2 dues are submitted together for a total of $55.00. QCLGA also has an optional Birdies/Chip-Ins and Ringers competitions. Entry fee for this competition is $18.  Then, Southern District Golf Association (SDWGA) can be joined at the same time for an additional fee of $10.  Total payment of $55 for dues, plus $28 for the optional Birdies/Chip-Ins and Ringers competitions and SDWGA, making a total of $83.00 made payable to QCLGA. An application form is available in the Pro Shop.

Ladies - 9 Hole Golf Association

The mission of the Quail Creek Ladies 9 Hole Golf Assocation is to provide a safe and fun environment for lady golfers, while offering to assist and support each member to attain her goals. It is our mission to encourage each member to have a memorable experience by offering an environment of camaraderie, support, and friendship while learning the rules and etiquette of golf...and most importantly in a fun and friendly atmosphere. Our Tournament Chairperson provides a gradual presentation of simple, fun tournaments.

  • Our Rules Chairperson provides an ongoing review of rules.
  • And, we all provide great social interaction.
  • To sum it up, our 9 Hole group is a great place to have Fun!

Lady Putters

Quail Creek Lady Putters is a social group designed for the benefit of non organized golfers. Its main purpose is to have fun and socialize while enjoying the outdoors and utilizing a portion of our golf facilities.

Putting begins on our Quail Creek Green every Wednesday morning. We putt at 10:00 am November-April and 9:00 am May-October. Registration begins 30 minutes before start time at the Madera Club House patio. Putting is followed by a social hour at the Oasis Lounge. 

Luncheons every 6 weeks at the Madera Club House. Gift cards are given out at each luncheon. In addition to our weekly putting, we participate in special events during the year: 

  • Lady Putters / Lady 9-Hole Golfers event
  • Lady Putters / Lady 18-Hole Golfers Event
  • Saddlebrooke / Mountain View Invitational
  • Moonlight Madness
  • Battle of the Sexes
  • Christmas in July

Men's Golf Association (18 Holes)

The purpose of the Quail Creek Men's Golf Association (QCMGA) shall be to promote the game of golf and its rules; and to encourage good fellowship and sportsmanship among its members with weekly events and special tournaments. In order to complete in weekly events and special tournaments, you must have an Arizona Golf Association (AGA) handicap at Quail Creek and be a member of the QCMGA.

Membership to the QCMGA is open to all male Quail Creek property owners who own or have signed a contract to build at Quail Creek. It also includes those residents renting property at Quail Creek providing the property owner has transferred privileges to the renter and the renter has obtained a renter's card from the POA. Membership is also open to all male non-residents who are eligible to live in Quail Creek and who have purchased an annual membership the the Quail Creek Country Club. Membership for non-residents is only valid during the year purchased.

Quail Creek Veterans' Golf Association

The Quail Creek Veterans Golf Association (QCVGA) is a non-profit social club.  Its purpose is to promote the game of golf, fellowship and good sportsmanship among Quail Creek military veterans and their families.

Membership is open to all male and female Quail Creek military veteran residents, military veteran's spouses, widows and widowers.  The QCVGA received its charter from the Robson/Quail Creek organization in June, 2009.

In addition to social events and tournaments throughout the year, the QCVGA will help you to establish and maintain your handicap through our relationship and cooperation with the Arizona Golf Association (AGA) 

The association dues are $15 per year. Log on to the AGA (Arizona Golf Association) website and pay the AGA dues and check the Quail Creek Veterans's Golf Assn. If you already belong to another AGA sanctioned club, there is a discount for multiple clubs. You can pay with a credit card and set up automatic renewals.

We play different courses around the region 6 times a year.

Desert Duffers - Men's 9 Hole

"Duffer's...Playing the back 9 of Life!"

In the fall of 2004, a small group of friends began getting together each week for 9 holes of golf - nothing serious, just to have fun. Word soon spread that this group was having a good time and enjoying socializing. People began to ask if they could join the group. It soon became apparent that there was a need for a men's 9 hole golf group. The Men's 9 Hole Golf Association (aka Desert Duffers) was formed with the following stated mission:

Golf is a game! Have fun!

This ongoing mission continues to appeal to a great many Quail Creek golfers, from beginners and low handicappers, all skill levels are welcomed by the Duffers.  This philosophy has driven the membership growth, with the Duffers currently totaling 258 members.  Although the group has grown exponentially, it is expected to attract even more in the future.  Currently, we tee it up weekly on Tuesday mornings, utilizing either three or four morning shotgun starts each week.