The Library at Madera Clubhouse is a lending library with over 4,000 books, games, specialty books, magazines, and puzzles available or in circulation. To locate special sections of the library collection, consult the diagram in the Library Operations Manual located on the bottom of the return cart. Note that the paperback books, games, specialty books, and jigsaw puzzles are located behind cabinet doors.

Books need not be checked out. Users are encouraged to return items promptly. Current annual circulation is estimated to be in excess of 12,000 books and 1,200 magazines.,

Donations are the prime source of all items in the library. Place donations in the wicker basket located next to the hall door.

Most books are shelved alphabetically by author. Most hardcover books are located on open shelves. Users are requested not to shelve returned books but instead to place them on one of the return carts for shelving by our volunteers. The returned books on the return carts are available for reuse.

Because of shelf limitations, many items cannot be retained. Currently, fiction books copyrighted 2011 and later are retained. Duplicates are retained with copyright dates of 2014 and later. Surplus books are donated to the VA Hospital and VA home in Tucson. Old magazines are taken to the Green Valley Library bookstore or the White Elephant for resale.

Over 35 volunteers maintain the Library. To volunteer or make comments or suggestions, contact the Library Co-Chairs.

The Library Operations Manual contains a User’s Guide, Volunteer Assignment Schedule, Shelving Guidelines, Alphabetization Guidelines, Magazine Policy, Location Diagram, Long-Term Library Plan, Mission Statement, most recent Annual Report of the Chair and a Library History.

Library Co-Chairs:

Mary Smith, 520-347-6022,
Susan Warburton 520-269-0856,