The Library at Madera Clubhouse is a borrowing library with over 4,000 books (fiction, large print, specialty books), magazines, movies on DVD, audiobooks, jigsaw puzzles, and games. The goal of the Library Management Team is to provide a convenient, easy-to-use, up-to-date source of library materials for residents.

Most books are shelved alphabetically by the author with hardcover books on open shelves. Paperback books, jigsaw puzzles, games, and some miscellaneous items are located behind the cabinet doors.

Materials do not need to be checked out. Take what you want and bring items back when convenient. Users are encouraged to return items promptly to one of the return book carts for daily shelving by our volunteers.

Donations are the prime source of everything in the Quail Creek Library. Please put your donations in the donation box found in the hallway outside the entrance door. The Library has limited space, so any items we cannot keep are distributed to local charities, VA centers, and retirement homes.

The Library is open daily whenever the Madera Clubhouse is open. Please feel free to use the Library to access the Madera Clubhouse WiFi; no password is required.

Over 40 volunteers maintain the Library by shelving returned items, alphabetizing the collections, and processing donations. The Library Management Team provides guidance and meets periodically to review and update procedures. Operating procedures and a “location diagram” are contained in the Library Operations Manual on the bottom shelf or the return cart.

To volunteer or make comments or suggestions, contact the Library Co-Chairs:

Mary (Alphie) Smith, 520-347-6022,
Carolyn Good, 913-707-7471,
Phil Geddes (Book Donations), 520-625-9421,