Activating Your Member Card for Charging

As a member of the POA, one of your amenities is the ability to use your member card to charge restaurant expenses. The member card can also be used to charge at the golf expenses or to purchase tickets, however, these charges do not apply to the Loyalty Rewards program.

If you wish to use your member card for charging, it is necessary to have a signed charging privileges form on file with the POA. Simply download the form Homeowner's Card Application/Agreement Form - Signing Privileges, fill it out, sign it, then drop it off at Member Services, located in the lobby of the Madera Clubhouse, or mail the completed form to Quail Creek POA, 2055 E Quail Crossing Blvd, Green Valley, AZ 85614.

About the Loyalty Rewards Program

  • You will receive a $25 Loyalty Reward toward future purchases for every $250 of food and alcohol charged to your member card in the restaurant.

  • Tax and gratuity do not count towards the loyalty rewards

  • This is an electronic credit that is linked to your member card, not a physical gift card.

  • When redeeming the rewards make sure to let your server know before you pay that you would like to use the rewards on your member card.

  • The Loyalty Reward is only available to homeowners purchasing items using their homeowner account. This is to ensure that only homeowners benefit from our Loyalty Rewards Program.

  • Loyalty points go to the homeowners card that paid for the transaction.

  • Loyalty points are not shared between individuals in a household, each person earns rewards for the purchases linked to their homeowner card separately.

  • You do NOT earn rewards on purchases where you are redeeming rewards

  • Rewards do NOT expire.

  • Rewards will not be earned for food & beverage purchases made at the Pro Shop or event and banquet functions, nor can they be redeemed at any location other than a restaurant in your community.

  • You must present and pay with your member card, wrist band, sticker or key fob (accessories) to have your totals go to your rewards. No other forms of payment will allow you to gain your rewards.