Member Services

Member Services Phone - 520-393-5822
Member Services Email -

Member Services, Madera Clubhouse - Hours of Operation:

  • Monday - Friday: 8 AM to 3 PM
  • Saturday: Closed
  • Sunday: Closed

When Member Services is closed, please call Patrol, 520-393-2941, about arriving guests or renters.

Quail Creek's Member Services processes a variety of requests from homeowners and their guests. Services include:

Ticket Sales

Member Services handles the ticket sales of events scheduled by the Activities Office and Banquets & Catering. Purchases may be made using a check, credit card, or Member Card if you have activated signing privileges.

Guest Passes

Guests of residents may enjoy Quail Creek’s amenities, such as the pools, Anza Athletic Club, and sports courts.  A Guest Pass, which is required as an ID for each guest 18 years of age and over, can be obtained from Member Services. Children under the age of 18 years do not require a guest card. Guest passes may be issued for 30 days maximum per calendar year. To register guests, please visit Member Services, located in the lobby of the Madera Clubhouse, with your guests. Member Services is located in the lobby of the Madera Clubhouse and is open, Monday-Friday, 8 AM to 3 PM. If your guests plan to use the Anza Athletic Club, they must sign a liability waiver prior to the use of the facility. The liability waiver is also available from Member Services. 

If your guests arrive during the hours that Member Services is closed, there is no need to worry! Just head over to the Anza Athletic Club and you will receive a temporary guest pass as well as sign the liability waiver.

The following guidelines have been established for guests. Please read carefully and understand that once a Guest Pass is issued, these guidelines must be strictly complied with.

  • Guest Passes may be applied for by property owners or renters only.
  • Guests and Associate Members are not allowed to have guests.
  • Property owners are directly responsible for the guests on their property. 
  • The property owner is responsible for making the guest aware of club policies, rules, and dress code. All guests must sign a liability waiver form before using club facilities.
  • Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a property owner or a guest with an appropriate ID at all times when using the facilities.
  • Individuals may only be guests for a total of 30 days per calendar year.
  • When using the facilities, a guest must have a valid Guest Pass in his/her possession.

Renter Cards

Homeowners who rent their homes must submit a Renter Policy Form to Member Services. The form includes the name of your renters as well as rental dates.

Fax / Copy Services:


  • Inbound fax services are $.50 per page. To receive faxes at Madera Clubhouse, the fax number is 520-393-5831. Member Services will place your inbound fax in the "Pickup" file. Outbound fax services are not currently available.

Black/White Copies:

  • Letter size $.05 per page
  • Legal size $.10 per page
  • 11" x 17" $.15 per page

Color Copies:

  • Letter size $.50 per page
  • Legal size $.75 per page
  • 11" x 17" $1.00 per page

Fax and copy services can be paid for with cash, check or member card.

Lost and Found:

If you have lost or found an article in Quail Creek, please check with Member Services, 520-393-5822, at the Madera Clubhouse. Lost and Found articles related to golf can be found at the Quail Creek Country Club Pro Shop 520-393-5802. If you lost or found an article in the Anza Athletic Club, Swimming Pools, or Tennis Courts, please check with the front desk at Anza, 520-393-5819.

New Homeowners!

If you’re a new homeowner, go to Member Services, located in the lobby of the Madera Clubhouse, to receive your Welcome Packet containing a wealth of information Please bring your completed closing papers from the title company with you to complete the process.

If you are already a Quail Creek homeowner and are purchasing another home (new or resale), whether you are planning to reside in the new home or rent it, contact Member Services to register the new homeowner of that new property with the Property Owners Association.

  • On a new-construction home, the Sales Office will include an index card, detailing the names on the deed and the correct address.

  • On a re-sale, this information is found on the top page of the homeowner’s closing papers (the HUD statement).

  • If the new homeowner is not in Quail Creek at the time of closing, that information can be faxed to the Madera Clubhouse POA office at 520-393-5831.