Communications for Quail Creek

Quail Creek residents stay informed about community news and activities through a variety of sources that provide easy access to timely, useful information. Some documents require that you have Adobe Reader installed on your computer to view them. If needed, download a free copy of Adobe Reader

Quail Creek Website

The Quail Creek website,, gives homeowners information about what is going on in the community and is the official property owner's association website. The site includes announcements, club information, POA Board and Committee meeting minutes, documents, etc.


To ensure timely and frequent communication, Quail Creek Communications publishes four newsletters on a regular basis for Quail Creek residents.

Manage your newsletter subscriptions by clicking on Subscribe to Newsletters.

What's Happening at Quail Creek

What's Happening at Quail Creek is a subscription-based newsletter that contains announcements about upcoming events and activities in Quail Creek, club activities, classes, and POA announcements. What's Happening at Quail Creek is designed for residents and long-term renters of Quail Creek and is published Monday through Friday. Archived copies of What's Happening may be viewed by clicking on What's Happening Archive.

Fresh From the Grill

Fresh From the Grill is a subscription-based newsletter about Quail Creek's restaurant, lounge, and banquet facilities.  It is published each Sunday and contains specials, menus, special events, and information about Food & Beverage operations. Anyone may subscribe by clicking on Join eClub

General Manager Update

The General Manager Update is a subscription-based newsletter that contains announcements about the POA, reminders, and general information for residents of Quail Creek. The newsletter is published monthly or as needed. Archived copies may be viewed by clicking on General Manager Update (login to view).

Reading the Green

Reading the Green is a subscription-based newsletter that is authored by the Quail Creek Golf Pro. It is published each Saturday. In it, you will find updates on course conditions, golf rules, Pro Shop sales, demo days, and golf lessons.

Quail Creek Crossing

The current issue of Quail Creek Crossing, a free monthly newspaper produced by Robson Publishing for  Quail Creek residents, is delivered to homes in Quail Creek and is also available for viewing online.  If the Quail Creek Crossing is not currently being delivered to your home or you wish to change your delivery, you may reach Robson Publishing at their Change of Address page or their Questions & Comments page on their website

Quail Creek Source Book

The Source Book is a printed reference book that Quail Creek homeowners receive when closing on their house.  It contains a resident directory as well as general information, a resource guide, and advertising from local merchants.  This book is published annually by Robson Publishing.  In order to be listed in the next Source Book, you need to fill out and submit the form located in the first few pages of the book or complete the online Update Source Book Listing form.  The deadline for submission of information and/or corrections is July 1 of each year.

Quail Creek TV

Quail Creek has its own television channel designed to keep residents up to date on community happenings.  You can view the monitor in the Madera Clubhouse. 

Madera Clubhouse Kiosk

There is a kiosk located near the front desk at the Madera Clubhouse where you can find flyers and forms for various events being held in the community.  You can also find many of these flyers on the bulletin boards outside the front doors of each clubhouse.