Resident Reminders

Please help us in creating a positive atmosphere for all our residents and staff members in our community.

Garbage and Recycle Containers

Safety Suggestion from Community Services Patrol: Remember on trash pick up days, place your garbage and recycle containers as close to the street/curb as possible. Please avoid placing them on sidewalks so that all of our walkers (dogs too!) have clear passage.

Cons, Frauds and Scams

Scams of one type or another have been around forever, and the new internet scams make avoiding being taken for a ride even more difficult, especially for our older citizens.  The goals of the Scam Squad are to educate Green Valley residents about potential scams, and to provide a place for residents to report scams.  The Scam Squad volunteers write a regular column in the Green Valley News. Scams that result in financial loss are referred to the Pima County Sheriff’s Department. Scam squad members are available for consultation from 9:00 a.m. to noon, Monday through Friday, in the SAV offices at 601 N La Canada Drive, located between the Pima County Sheriff’s Department District Office and the Joyner Public Library.  Scam Squad members are also available by phone during those hours at (520) 351-6715. Find out about the latest scams making the rounds on the Sheriff's Auxiliary Volunteers Scam Squad website.

Sewer / Wastewater Rates Winter Averaging

In July of each year, the Pima County Regional Wastewater and Reclamation Department calculates your sewer bill based of the average amount of water use billed in the previous months of December, January, and February. These three months represent the period when outside water usage is normally at a minimum. Under Pima County Ordinance 13.24, customers have 60 days after receipt of a bill to appeal a new user fee, a new usage class, or a new discharge factor. Customers may appeal their account at any time during the fiscal year, but will only receive a credit for up to 60 days back on their bill. See Sewer / Wastewater Rates Winter Averaging.

If December, January, and February are not the three lowest consecutive months of water usage in the fiscal year (July 1 through June 30) then submit an appeal using our online form or contact Customer Service at the Pima County Finance and Risk Management Department (PCF&RMD) - (520) 724-6609.

Bird Feeders and Birdhouses

We are fortunate to live in Southern Arizona and in a community with some amazing wildlife. However, there are some very important things to understand when choosing to put out bird feeders, so we want to share some friendly reminders.

  • Bird feeders and birdhouses may only be located in the rear yard of the lot
  • A maximum of two (2) are permitted in each yard
  • Seed blocks are not permitted
  • Placement of bird feeders and birdhouses in common areas is prohibited

These rules are in place for a variety of reasons. Overfeeding of birds, by letting the seed scatter on the ground have been known to attract rats, pigeons, snakes, coyotes, and javelinas. Feeding animals and birds does a great disservice to them, as they began to depend on us as a source of food.  When wild animals feel comfortable around humans they have been known to destroy property, injure humans, kill pets and could become a threat to the entire community.

If you have a feeder or plan to get one, please take the time to read 3.6 BIRD FEEDERS AND BIRDHOUSES in the ALC Rules and Guidelines.

Walk Safely!

This as a safety reminder regarding walking or running in the multi-purpose lane of our roadways. These lanes are being shared with wheeled vehicles such as golf cars and bicycles, which have the right-of-way.  Pedestrians in them do not have the right-of- way and jeopardize themselves and these vehicles when they fail to yield to them. You are urged to use the sidewalks where they exist instead of the multi-purpose lanes. If you choose to walk or run in these lanes, please be aware of this, and yield to any of these vehicles. Yield means to “give way to” either a golf car or bicycle – both for your protection and that of the vehicle. For your information the applicable POA rule regarding this is given below:

"4.38  Pedestrians using designated multi-purpose lanes on Quail Creek roadways must always face on-coming traffic and yield to on-coming golf carts and bicycles."

Need to Report a Maintenance Issue?

Residents can report building/facility maintenance or common-area landscaping issues needing attention. A Work Request Form is available to submit online. Forms are also are available at Member Services, located in the lobby of the Madera Clubhouse. The form is distributed to key departments for tracking and management.

Trouble with Your Internet?

If you use Cox as your internet provider and need to call them to troubleshoot your internet connection, please indicate that you live in Quail Creek! Green Valley is a much larger area and we want to make sure they are able to troubleshoot the problem as quickly as possible.

Driving Through Our Community

The roads in our community abide by the same standards as the roads outside of it. This is for all of our safety. While driving through the community, please:

  • Follow the posted speed limit (35 mph on Quail Crossing Blvd, Quail Range Loop and Quail View Loop, 25 mph on all residential streets, 15 mph in parking lots).
  • All vehicles need to stop at stop signs. Cars, trucks, golf cars, bicycles and anything else with wheels. Slowing down is not enough. Proceed with caution, looking out for pedestrians and other vehicles.
  • Watch out for pedestrians in crosswalks and Multi-Purpose lanes.

Pet Courtesy

Pets can be a wonderful addition to your family, but please remember that as a pet owner to make sure that your four-legged friend does not become a nuisance to other residents. Quail Creek is a pet-friendly community, but please take into account a few of these pet reminders:

  • While walking your pets in our community, bring a baggie with you to pick up your pet's waste and dispose of it at home. As a responsible pet owner you must "pack the poop" home every time. Please do not use receptacles located at Quail Creek facilities with the exception of the Dog Park. Trash receptacles are not emptied on a daily basis and quickly become foul smelling if loaded with dog poop. Animal waste contains bacteria that can pollute stormwater and be transported to our fragile desert washes. Pet waste does not just "go away" and it doesn't turn into fertilizer. Please remember...there is no poop fairy!
  • When your dog is not in an enclosed area, remember to keep your pet on a leash. A leash provides emergency control over your pet. Even if your dog has perfect recall and you can control their every move from 100 feet away – you can’t control the world around them. You may encounter unfriendly dogs, hungry coyotes, irresistible temptations in the form of rabbits or ground squirrels, or a person who is allergic or afraid of dogs.
  • Dogs are welcome in all common areas of Quail Creek unless otherwise posted. In the internal neighborhoods, the streets and resident yards are private property; it is trespassing when dogs enter homeowner property.


Parking is not allowed on any Quail Creek road overnight. This is a Fire Department requirement. Don’t leave your car on the street overnight.
Vehicular parking, including golf carts, is not permitted on Quail Crossing Blvd, Quail Range Loop or Quail View Loop.
If you park your golf cart in a "car" parking spot, please park to one side so another cart can pull in beside you. There's plenty of room for two!

Golf Carts

When children are allowed to drive golf carts in the community we are putting both residents and non-residents at risk. As parents and grandparents, please do what you can to ensure that the safety of children comes first. Please obey the traffic laws and use good common sense so that we can keep the community safe for all residents and visitors.

  • The driver of any golf cart must be 16 years old.
  • Don't let little ones "drive" your golf cart. A child sitting in your lap hampers your control of the golf cart. 
  • Being involved in an accident could potentially create personal liability risk on the part of the golf cart’s owner and or driver.
  • You may wish to consult your insurance agent to determine what type(s) of coverage you have for your golf cart. Insurance policies and carriers have different coverage terms therefore, on a case by case basis, it is important to know whether or not coverage is provided under your automobile, homeowner, and or personal general liability policies.

Those Darn Weeds!

You say you don’t like getting a weed letter? We don’t like sending them. Spray or pull your weeds often. If you're away for the summer have your landscaper or house sitter check for weeds on a regular basis, at least once a month. Avoid getting a “weed letter”, keep the weeds out of your yard.