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Contact the ALC (Architectural & Landscape Committee)

Questions for the ALC should be emailed to the ALC Clerk, at or call 520-393-5803 (Voicemail).

ALC Permit Application Process

ALC approval is required for work that in any way alters the exterior appearance of a homeowner's home, property, and/or landscape within residential areas of the development. Please contact the ALC if you are not sure if a project requires a permit.

The ALC Office is located at the Quail Creek Administrative Building at 904 N Quail View Loop. 

Office Hours: The ALC office hours will now be 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM only, Monday-Friday. Application packets can be left in the Drop Box before/after hours. Most of your questions can be answered by calling or sending an email to the ALC Clerk at 520-393-5803 or For your convenience, appointments can also be made.

All ALC applications must include 2 copies of the following with the application fee:

  • ALC Permit Application (completely filled out and signed) by the homeowner
  • A picture of the home/property/location of where the project will take place
  • Detailed project plans including dimensions/measurements. Landscaping must be drawn to scale.
  • A plot plan
  • Projects for painting, retractable shades and gutters require paint or color samples
  • Town of Sahuarita permit or zoning stamp (where applicable)

Incomplete applications and missing information will delay your permit from being seen by the ALC Committee.

Completed and signed ALC Permit Applications, can be hand-delivered or mailed to the ALC Office. A $10.00 cash or check permit review fee must be submitted with each ALC permit application; however the permit review fee for casitas, garages, pools, spas, and initial landscaping is $25.00. Checks should be made out to "QCCC".

The ALC Committee meetings are every second and fourth Thursday of the month in the Madera Clubhouse Silver Room #1. Submittals must be received on Friday by 12:00 PM the week prior to the ALC meeting.

A permit letter will be emailed to you by the Monday following the ALC meeting to inform you of the ALC Committee’s decision. The letter will indicate whether the project is Approved, Approved with Stipulations, or Disapproved (with reason documented). The letter will also indicate when your permitted project is due to be completed. It is very important for you to notify the ALC Clerk when your project is complete or if you need an extension..

Questions for the ALC should be directed to the ALC email at or by calling the ALC Office (520) 393-5803.