Community Services Patrol

Quail Creek’s Community Services Patrol enforces community rules, as well as provides many homeowner services, such as vacation watch, alerting homeowners about water leaks, facility security, traffic control for special community events, etc. The Patrol’s presence is intended to discourage crime and to provide assistance within Quail Creek.  

Community Services Patrol officers are employees of the POA for the benefit of residents and their guests. Community Services Patrol has the power and authority to enforce Quail Creek’s CC&Rs, By-Laws, Articles, Rules, and ALC Guidelines.  Community Services Patrol officers do not have the power or authority of police officers. Sahuarita police and other law-enforcement agencies handle criminal-law violations within Quail Creek, and can be called upon to handle vehicle-related violations that are also covered by city or state law.

Frequently Asked Questions
Gate Access Form
How to Help Patrol
Traffic Regulations - See Quail Creek Property Owners Association Rules, in POA Governing Documents
Vacation Watch Form

Service requests: Community Services Patrol provides services to residents 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Do not hesitate to call on Community Services Patrol at the main Community Services Patrol office at 520-393-2941 or the mobile patrol unit at 520-631-0075.

Information requests: If you have questions about guest entry or other issues involving the guard gates, call 520-393-2941 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

Radio frequency identification tags allow automated entry through the Quail Creek entrance gates. Community Services Patrol installs approved RFID tags on the windshields of residents’ automobiles, recreational vehicles, motorcycles, and golf carts – after homeowners have completed a tag-application form. To apply for a new or replacement RFID, complete a Gate Access - Window Tag Installation form.


  • Patrol Gatehouse: 520-393-2941
  • Patrol Truck: 520-631-0075

Address: 1450 E Quail Crossing Blvd, Green Valley, AZ 85614

The mission of the Quail Creek Community Services Patrol staff members is to provide a superior level of professional and outstanding customer service that affirmatively promotes, preserves, and enhances a safe, secure, comfortable, and welcoming environment for our residents, fellow employees and visitors of the Quail Creek Community. Our actions and community involvement demonstrate a tireless commitment to safety, security, and customer-service for those that live and visit here. We display professionalism and excellence in all we do and enjoy our role as ambassadors for Quail Creek.

Patrol Duties: Gatehouse Operations, Mobile Patrol, Traffic Control & Enforcement, Vacation, Watch, all Building Security, Sales Model Security, Special Event Security.

  • Gatehouse Duties: Monitor visitor lane traffic, handle resident phone calls, maintain phone contact w/ Mobile Patrol, maintain various logs, and monitor RV parking.
  • Mobile Patrol Duties: Building security; homeowner assistance, monitoring traffic regulations, vacation watch, emergency response, monitor Anza Athletic Club after hours.

Gate Access

Main Gate

  • Gate attendant 24 hours daily
  • Only entrance for visitors, guests, and contractors – left lane
  • Main entrance for most residents
  • Accessible with electronic window tag – right lane
  • Home base for Patrol

South (Back) Gate

  • Unmanned gate
  • Only available to residents
  • Accessible only with electronic window tag
  • Residents without an electronic window tag must use the Main Gate

Gate Access - Window Tags: To register for a Window tag, please complete a Window Tag Registration Form. Call the Gate House at 393-2941 for an appointment for window tag installation. Complete one form for each vehicle. Bring the completed form, Homeowner ID card and your vehicle registration to the Gate House at your appointment time.

Free Tags for up to two vehicles registered to a Quail Creek household. Additional vehicles are $25.00 payable only by check to QCCC. Replacement Tags are $25.00 payable by check. NO CASH WILL BE ACCEPTED.

Late Night Visitors: 
Are you expecting visitors after 8:30 PM? Please call Patrol at the front gate at 520-393-2941 so they will know to let your guests through the gate.

Renting Your Property: 
If you are renting your property, your renters will need gate access. Please see Property Rental for more information.

RV Parking: 
Patrol is responsible for assigning RV parking permits as well as assigning parking spaces at the Madera Clubhouse. Please see RV Parking for more information.

Vacation Watch: 
Vacation Watch is a service provided by the Quail Creek Patrol at NO additional cost to the homeowner.  When we receive your completed form at the Gatehouse we schedule an initial check of your property, based on your departure, to insure your home is secure and check for water leaks.  Upon your return you need to stop at the Gatehouse and give us your name, unit # and lot #.  Property checks are completed every other week.

Patrol Statistics

  • 4 Members on Gatehouse duty on a 24-hour basis
  • 4 Members on 24-hour patrol duty (including vacation watch)
  • 18 Total member in Quail Creek Patrol

MOBILE PATROL physically or visually patrols each street 6 or more times within a 24 hour period.

 is for traffic control & enforcement only and will be utilized at varying times and days.